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Daytime Larviciding

Control of mosquito larvae in swamps, ditches, ponds and other open containers of water.


Larviciding - Applying pesticides to targeted water sources for prevention of mosquito larvae. These treatments total 90% of our operations during the summer. With 242 square miles and over 10,000 sources to treat, this is a critical aspect to our day to day operations.

Catch Basins - Applying an extended release pesticide to storm sewers to prevent the development of potentially disease transmitting Culex mosquitoes.  This treatment is essential to help protect the public from West Nile Virus.  Catch basins retain water for extended periods of time and if not regularly flushed by re-occurring rain, this water tends to stagnate and produce Culex mosquitoes.  Catch basin treatments start when there is an increase of these Culex mosquitoes in our surveillance traps.


Backyard Catch Basins - In addition to the storm drains on residential streets, we also apply the extended release pesticides to storm sewers in resident's backyards to further control the disease-borne mosquito population. The treatment of these backyard sewers helps protect residents from those mosquitoes near their property or areas most likely used during summer months. Such as backyard BBQs, parties, parks, pools, etc.

Product Labels

Below are the labels for all products used by Northwest Mosquito Abatement District for larvicide. 

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