The images shown on the left are our different townships we control between our three shops. To find your location in our maps, simply select the township you live in, then click the link below for full scale map and find your streets. ITS THAT EASY!

The Mapping system used by the NWMAD is an extension of the township mapping system. The 242 square miles of the district are contained within all or part of 9 contiguous townships; each of these, in turn, are divided into 36 square mile units called sections.

In 2008, the District implemented GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to assist in mapping. The use of this technology has allowed for more detailed and spatially accurate maps for field technicians through aerial photography overlays, creation and organization of new and existing district-specific map features, and streamlined map editing process for changes found through source surveillance.

In 2010, this technology was brought into our day-to-day field operations. The district maps are now on field PC's equipped with GPS to more effectively access and treat mosquito-production sources. In addition, the field PC's allowed for more efficient data capture in both Larviciding and Adulticiding operations.

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