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Adulticiding (night spray)

Controlling the adult mosquito population

Our Larval treatments are our most effective means of controlling mosquitoes. When adult populations or West Nile Virus activity crosses over our threshold we will implement our adult mosquito spray program. Our truck based adulticiding program, when scheduled, begins at sunset and concludes around 1am.

Northwest Mosquito Abatement District will post which map sections we will be adulticiding after 2 pm on days we plan to spray, view this information here. The decision of areas to be sprayed is based off of adult mosquito collections; mosquitoes that may carry West Nile Virus, and total mosquito population.

However there are more guidelines our district has to follow in order to spray effectively. The weather plays an important factor in our adulticiding efforts as the EPA has strict rules we must follow in order to spray for adult mosquitoes. This includes wind speed, temperature, precipitation, and many others factors.


Using all these tools available to the NWMAD, we have put together a solid IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program we think will help our district's fight against disease born mosqutioes.

Product Label

Below is the label for the product used by Northwest Mosquito Abatement District for adulticide. 

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