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There are many important facts to know about mosquitoes that most people are not aware of.  

There are two different types of mosquitoes commonly found within our district.


Aedes mosquitoes, or commonly known as the nuisance mosquito, are the ones you notice the most because they feed heavily after major rainfalls or during the early spring/summer through September and October.  


The other type of mosquito is known as the Culex mosquito.  This type of mosquito is known to carry different types of diseases like West Nile Virus and many more. 

To protect yourself the best against these mosquitoes requires a little more than just bug spray.  Wear long sleeve shirts and pants during high feeding times of mosquitoes, usually at dawn or dusk.  Make sure there are not artificial containers holding water.  These containers serve as a breading ground for Culex Mosquitoes.  Insect repellents also help from mosquito bites but require multiple applications due to the evaporation of DEET off of someones skin.  That is why we always recommend wearing long sleeves and pants in addition to applying bug repellents to make sure your well protected against mosquitoes. 

Click on the link below to find out more about repellents and mosquito-borne diseases

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Keep Yourself Safe

The picture to the left indicates our perception of how bad the mosquito population is in our district.  This will be updated on a day to day or weekly basis.

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